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KWON7PYPJ9Enabled the invitee, room and resource fields to be able to be printed when printing a meeting that was saved as a draft or being...
MKRT7QFH2GIt is now easier to select the bottom edge of a calendar entry to resize it by clicking on the bottom border and dragging it with the mouse, without...
KMUR667E6NSPR# KMUR667E6N -When countering a meeting, there is now a preference to leave the countered meeting on your calendar (at the original time). This...
SMAO7UF76MThis fix includes changes to send information updates when invitees change AND to auto-process info updates as they arrive. Also fixes some bugs...
DKIY6TYDBKExpansion of mail-in groups (i.e. MyServerGroup@NotesDomain) is supported in the Meeting's "Find Available Times" feature.
TKAA7YLCW5Fixed a problem in iNotes where Calendar Reminders were displaying with one hour duration and showing an end time in calendar timeslot...
JLAE6UXJN5Fixed a problem in Notes C&S where user's who did not have alarms enabled by default were being prompted with the alarm option dialog when checking...
ZSHO7T6FCHWhen a JAWS user encountered the Repair Calendar dialog the Details button may be read twice.
MCHN7U6DZFThe comments dialog that comes when sending with comments displayes unwanted white space is now modified and no unwanted extra white space shows up...
BLEE7SEQ2AWhen double clicking on an instance of a repeating calendar entry (from within the calendar view), users were sometimes getting the error "Entry Not...
ALIR867AS8Enabled the invitee, room and resource fields to be able to be printed when printing a meeting that was saved as a draft or being...
MKIA6ZXG8BSPR# MKIA6ZXG8B -When sending invitations or other workflow over iCalendar as a MIME message, Notes/Domino will typically create many proprietary...
KKOO7Z6AMXUsers were not allowed to edit a non-meeting, non-repeating entry in Calendar summarized mode if alternate name display was...
KYOE7UL8KUDescription tab is not present after switching a calendar entry to an appointment, anniversary, all day event or reminder from a meeting when the...
KSOR829E4JUser with Read access to another user's calendar was able to re-size an entry on the calendar.
TTAN8BHSKBFixes a problem where the wrong conflict dates are shown for a new meeting created with repeating weekly by day.
YDFS8KL9KXAccommodated change in DST rules for Chile. Before this change, Calendar entries in Notes Standard client would be off by an hour during the...


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